JSR WPR Photosensitive Dielectric Materials

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JSR's WPR series photosensitive dielectric materials come in both positive tone (NQD based) and negative tone (chemically amplified) to allow process flexibility. In addition, JSR's unique proprietary design incorporates surface treated rubber nano particles to provide excellent physical and mechanical properties. Along with high sensitivity, resolution, and long shelf life, these materials are well suited to meet the current as well as next generation packaging challenges. Contact your local JSR sales representative for a "One-on-One" discussion about these innovative materials. 


  • High Sensitivity
  • High Resolution
  • Excellent Patterning Profile
  • Excellent Heat and Chemical Resistance
  • Low Thermal Shrink and Stress
  • Excellent Adhesion to Substrates
  • Long Shelf Life

Product Summary

Product Film Thickness (µm) Application
WPR-1203 (Negative) 10-25 Buffer Coat, Over Coat
WPR-5100 (Positive) 6-13 Buffer Coat, Over Coat

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