JSR CMP Slurry

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 JSR delivers various Slurries for CMP processes by integrating the design, technology, and manufacturing of various liquid-based solutions. This helps to provide a wide range of process windows with selective polishing control on specific layers.   

TEM Image of Abrasive 

Low Defectivity with Mono-Dispersed Colloidal Silica

Frequency and Particle Size

Relation between Removal Rate and Downforce


Typical Value of a Slurry

Defective Data

Removal Rate Knob

Good Dispersion Technique for Good Defectivity and Controllable Removal Rate Knob

Defectivity Results With and Without

ζ-Potential of Slurry with Additives

Removal Rate Knob

Stain After Ru CMP

Silica: High Ru Removal Rate

Titania: Hi Ru/TEOS Selectivity without Stain