Health & Safety

2022 Sustainability Report

Material Topic: Health & Safety

New Manufacturing Facility

Supporting the design, construction, and rollout of the manufacturing facility in Hillsboro, Oregon was the largest project for the EHS team during this reporting period. The completely new facility executes high-volume manufacturing of advanced post-etch cleans, and the JSR EHS team ensured that safety considerations were at the forefront of building and operational designs. The EHS team supported all necessary environmental permits, procedural documentation, established internal business processes, managed site compliance, and met all environmental requirements. As a chemical manufacturing facility, safety is paramount, and the EHS team has integrated safety policies into all site business processes, already received ISO certifications for effective environmental management systems (ISO 14001) as well as effective occupational health and safety management systems (ISO 14001) for the new manufacturing site. The Hillsboro location is now performing validation tests for customers.

Pandemic Management

EHS has been leading the COVID-19 response for both the Oregon and Sunnyvale sites. As an essential business since the start of the pandemic, JSR has been able to keep its manufacturing facilities running continuously and, with the support of dedicated and conscientious employees, successfully weathered the worst of the pandemic. For additional information, please see JSR’s detailed Pandemic Response. Since the early stages of the pandemic, JSR recognized that a generous sick leave policy was essential to ensure that employees who felt ill were comfortable staying at home to avoid infecting their coworkers. At the start of the pandemic, JSR established an “unlimited sick time” policy which lasted through the original and Delta surges. Thanks to that policy, JSR was able to avoid any on-site transmission during these initial, and most deadly, COVID surges. JSR also invested heavily in COVID-19 testing kits and N95 masks for early detection and transmission prevention.



GRI 403: Occupational Health and Safety 2018

403-4 Worker participation, consultation, and communication on occupational health and safety

a. Processes for worker participation and consultation

Employees are regularly provided training on relevant occupational health and safety information necessary for their job roles. In addition, any safety incident which occurs is communicated to all employees through the intranet and various digital screens located throughout the facility, summarizing the incident and lessons learned. Employee input on the occupational health and safety system is provided through different methods, including: Job Safety Assessments, Near Miss reports, JSR’s Suggestion Box, and at staff meetings where “safety observations” is always the first discussion point. The EHS team maintains a KPI for “Employee Participation” to encourage employees to communicate their safety observations.

b. Health and safety committee

JSR has an EHS Safety Committee, which meets monthly to discuss safety topics and perform site inspections.

All departments, including administrative departments, participate in this program. Any major findings are reported to upper management and managed to completion by the EHS Department.


GRI 416: Customer Health and Safety 2016

416-1 Assessment

The physical, toxicological, and environmental impacts of 100% of JSR's products are assessed during the preparation of safety data sheets (SDS) as required by law.  JSR has a team of qualified regulatory professionals that assess the properties of substances through  literature reviews, read-across analysis, and laboratory testing.


GRI 417: Marketing and Labeling 2016

417-1 REQUIREMENTS for product and service information and labeling

All chemical products sold by JSR in the United States are required by 29 CFR 1910.1200 to have Safety Data Sheets (SDS) which meet the requirements of the UN Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). JSR prepared SDS for 100% of all chemical products sold in the US, which include all information necessary for the safe use, transportation, and disposal of products.

Under 29 CFR 1910.1200 chemical products sold are also required to have GHS labels, which include: contact information, signal word(s), hazard statement(s), precautionary statement(s), and pictogram(s) taken from the SDS. 100% of all chemical products sold by JSR in the US have GHS labels applied to the product container.