Message From Our CEO

Eric Johnson

This reporting period, fiscal years 2020 and 2021, has been an exciting and dynamic time in JSR’s history. Not only did we continually adjust, along with the rest of the world, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but the NAHQ parent company, JSR Corporation, worked diligently on the divestiture and sale of our elastomers business to ENEOS Corporation. This transition was completed just as the reporting period ended on April 1, 2022, and effectively ended JSR’s more than 60 years in the petrochemical business. We are confident that the decision to transfer the business is the right one for all of our stakeholders, and we are now able to place a renewed focus on our innovation, quality, and sustainability within our semiconductor materials and life sciences businesses.

Sustainability continues to be the key foundational element in JSR’s strategy and has been an important contributor to our success during the global pandemic. We not only see sustainability through an environmental lens, but also more holistically as a guiding light on how to sustain the organization at all levels into the future. Through our process of continuous improvement, we have been diligently bringing this sustainable vision to fruition.

During the release of our previous sustainability report, the global pandemic was a recent development. Over the course of the subsequent two years, we made a series of changes in order to continue meeting our goals. JSR’s employees demonstrated a remarkable level of resilience, given the rapid adaptation that was required to function successfully in the changing world. Amid the many challenges, supply chains were disrupted, customer product demands changed, many employees quickly shifted to working remotely, and a cascade of internal process management changes were required. Despite these hurdles, we have been able to maintain our uncompromisingly high level of material quality while also making all of our deliveries on time.

In addition to meeting current customer expectations, JSR has had a number of exciting new developments. To support increased adoption of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography, JSR acquired industry-leading, Oregon-based Inpria Corporation. Also in Oregon, we built a new manufacturing facility to supply a formulated cleans product line. Internally, we kicked off the ONEDigital initiative which is dedicated to harnessing the power of our data and to developing tools to support manufacturing, customer experience, research and development, and business operations. We have also committed to focusing on diversity within our supply chain and have introduced a Supplier Diversity Policy that uses a composite scorecard to help evaluate competing suppliers. Another important highlight is the execution of our first global employee engagement survey which drove both top-down and local continuous improvement actions, leading to a major initiative supporting DEI.

Everyone at JSR has truly risen to the occasion, turning challenges into opportunities for improvement. As we enter this new era at JSR, I am excited to see our sustainability efforts grow and strengthen, to celebrate new innovations, and tackle the challenges of tomorrow.


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Eric Johnson