Novel Protein A media launched

Life Sciences
Life Sciences

Tokyo, Japan – October 9, 2012 – JSR Life Sciences Corporation (President: Nobutaka Tani), a 100% subsidiary of JSR Corporation (President: Mitsunobu Koshiba) has officially launched Amsphere™ Protein A, a new protein A affinity chromatography media for downstream processing of therapeutic antibody manufacturing.

This new media was developed through Poronomics™, a proprietary technology for the design of rigid, hydrophilic and porous resins with large surface area. It also utilizes state-of-the-art genetic engineering technology for a unique amino-acid sequence modification allowing alkali stability and highly efficient capture of therapeutic antibody molecules.

Thanks to its characteristics of high dynamic binding capacity, high alkaline resistance, high flow rate compatibility, sharp elution profile, easy packing, and affordable pricing, Amsphere™ Protein A offers the biopharmaceutical industry great utility from both a technical and business perspective. The JSR Group is capitalizing on its global business structure to promptly respond to global market needs.

Details of Amsphere™ A will be introduced at both BioProcess International (Oct.9-11, Providence, RI, USA) and BioProduction (Oct. 24-25, Berlin, Germany).

Under JSR’s corporate mission of “Materials Innovation – We create value through materials to enrich society, people and the environment,” the new company will actively cooperate with outside organizations, placing emphasis on its wide range of highly competitive particle and polymer technologies, thereby aiming to both establish a new business and contribute to society.