Water based anode binder

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Key features of JSR anode binders

  1. Styrene butadiene (SBR) co-polymer latex
  2. Water based emulsion, no organic solvent processing needed
  3. Increased adhesion properties result in reduced binder loading
  4. Optimized binder design leads to improved battery and processing characteristics

Design Concept:

  • Emulsion polymerization: Colloidal stablity in aquereous slurry.
  • High adhesion: Minimize the binder amount for LiB fabrication.
  • Flexibility: For winding and slitting process.
  • Electrolyte affinity: Better cell performance.
  • Ease of slurry preparation: Rheological stability and coatability.

Representative performance:

Representative performance 1  Representative performance 2  Representative performance 3

Slurry properties  Electrode properties Electochemical properties
  • Homogenous
  • High adhesive strength
  • Low resistance
  • Stable
  • Flexible for winding process
  • Low swelling
  • Easy to coat
  • Good cycleability

JSR anode binder product differentiation

JSR is offering different grades of aqueous styrene butadiene co-polymer latex binders. Each one has been designed for a specific purpose. Our binders can be used in different energy storage technologies, such as:◾ Lithium Ion Battery (LIB)

  • Nickel Metal Hydride Battery (NiMH)
  • Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC)

Selection of the most suitable binder grade depends on several factors. The energy storage technology and the specific active materials influence the binder choice. Design and process used for the manufacturing of the cell are also important considerations. 

TRD2001: Standard binder grade with high elasticity 

TRD102A: Small particle size binder with cutting edge morphology control 

TRD104A: Low migration type binder for thick electrodes 

TRD1002: Binder for NiMh and LiB batteries 

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JSR also has water based Cathode binder available.