Notice Regarding Transfer of JM Energy Shares


Tokyo, Japan, January 27, 2020 - This serves as notification that JSR Corporation (Representative Director, CEO: Eric Johnson, hereinafter referred to as ”JSR”) and Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Hiroshi Otsuka, hereinafter referred to as ”Musashi”) agreed to transfer 80% share of JM Energy Corporation (President: Mikio Yamachika, hereinafter referred to as ”JM Energy”), a consolidated subsidiary of JSR, to Musashi.

JM Energy is a company engaged in the development, manufacturing, and sale of lithium-ion capacitors, which are energy storage devices, and has been promoting its business with the assumption of its use in several applications, including public transportation applications. However, JSR figured out that it would be difficult to further expand its earnings just within the Group, and capital alliances with companies that have strong ties with end customers and can expect business synergies were under consideration. As a result of the consultation, JSR and Musashi reached an agreement to transfer JM Energy shares. With Musashi holding a wide range of know-how in the production and sales of automotive parts, JSR recognized that it is promising to have high synergies such as expansion of this business and the creation of new businesses.

The impact on the consolidated financial results for the full year is expected to be minor.

<Outline of JM Energy>
(1) Company Name JM Energy Corporation
(2) Address 8565 Nishiide, Oizumi-cho, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi
(3) Representative (Title: Name) President: Mikio Yamachika
(4) Business Development, manufacturing and sales of lithium-ion capacitors
(5) Capital 300 million yen
(6) Date of Establishment August 1, 2007
(7) Major Shareholders and their ownership percentages JSR Corporation 100.00%
(8) Relationship between JSR and JM Energy Capital JSR's share ratio to JM Energy is 100.00%.
Personal JSR employee serve as the president of JM Energy. Also, another JSR employee serves as the auditor and two employees serve as officers of JM Energy.
Business JSR lends money to JM Energy.

<Outline of Musashi>
(1) Company Name Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.
(2) Address 39-5 Daizen, Ueda-Cho, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi
(3) Representative (Title: Name) Hiroshi Otsuka, President and CEO
(4) Business Manufacturing and sales of transportation equipment
(5) Capital 5,326 million yen (As of March, 2019)
(6) Date of Establishment January 22, 1944
(7) Relationship between Musashi and JM Energy Capital No matters to be stated.
Personal No matters to be stated.
Business No matters to be stated.

<Contents of the shares to be Transferred>
(1) Number of Shares Held before Transfer 6,000 shares (Percentage held by JSR 100.00%)
(2) Number of Shares Transferred 4,800 shares
(3) Number of shares held after transfer 1,200 shares (Percentage held by JSR 20. 00%)
(4) Date of Transfer April 1, 2020 (planned)