JSR Micro, Inc. Becomes Minority Owner in Capstone Metering LLC


Sunnyvale, CA – January 15th, 2013 – Sunnyvale, CA-based JSR Micro, Inc., a US subsidiary of JSR Corporation of Tokyo, has become a minority owner in Capstone Metering LLC, a Texas-based technology company that is changing the way global water industries think about managing, controlling and conserving water.

Through a Joint Development Agreement in November 2011, the JSR group companies provided their innovative lithium ion capacitor (LIC) electrical energy storage device to Capstone. JSR’s LICs provide improved power capture rates compared to conventional batteries. Capstone plans to introduce its wireless intelligent water meter, the IntelliH2O®, in early 2013.

“As this investment demonstrates, we believe in Capstone Metering’s technology,” said Eric R. Johnson, President of JSR Micro, Inc. “JSR is strongly committed to developing and seeking out green, smart and sustainable technologies and Capstone Metering is a great fit for that vision.”

Capstone’s IntelliH2O® water meter’s current features include remote on/off capability, two-way communications, pressure sensing and reporting, remote communication, and self-power generation.

“JSR is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of lithium ion capacitors and we are pleased to welcome them as owners in Capstone Metering,” said Scott Williamson, President/CEO of Capstone Metering. “We look forward to working with JSR to strengthen our position as we enter the water meter industry with the launch of the IntelliH2O® meter.”

About JSR Micro, Inc.

JSR Micro, Inc. is the US-based subsidiary of JSR Corporation that supplies high-performance materials to the world's leading manufacturers, laboratories and research facilities. With an uncompromising focus on quality, we supply the materials that make our customers' processes work - the same way, every time. With production facilities on three continents and a vast R&D program with fully equipped technical support centers, JSR Micro is firmly positioned to partner with its customers to continue to advance today's technologies and help create the breakthroughs of tomorrow.

About Capstone Metering LLC

Capstone Metering LLC (“Capstone”) is a Texas-based technology company that is changing the way that global water industries think about managing, controlling and conserving water by creating dialogue about the significant value of water and how industry-changing advances in technology can raise water conservation awareness. Founded in 2006 by a team of individuals with rich wireless technology backgrounds in the water industry, Capstone’s roots lie in the development of remote, distributed wireless communications networks. For more information on Capstone Metering, please go to www.capstonemetering.com.