Earthquake in Japan - JSR update


Update Monday, March 21st

There are no new developments to announce today. We can still confirm that there will be no impact on the deliveries to our customers.
In case you would have any question or suggestion about this message, please do not hesitate to contact us:
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By phone: 32 (0) 16 832 832

Update Friday, March 18th

Our close communications with our partners (logistics - raw material suppliers) confirm once more that there will be no impact on the deliveries to our customers.

Update Thursday, March 17th

The situation has not changed compared to yesterday's update.

Update Wednesday, March 16th

We would like to update you on our latest findings related to the 3/11 earthquake disaster in Japan.

As we reported earlier, the transportation system in Japan and our supply chain in general suffer from minor problems. The information updates we received today indicate that there will be no impact on our deliveries to our customers.

Update Tuesday, March 15th

Due to the extensive damage to the public infrastructure and the numerous power blackouts, the situation in Japan itself is still very chaotic. 
This has impact on domestic transportation and on information gathering in general.

Though some issues related to the supply of raw materials cannot be excluded at this point, we have not identified any fundamental issue yet.
According to our latest updates, all shipments from Japan to Europe (sea and air) that were scheduled for this and next week will be executed without notable delays.

Update Monday, March 14th

Below is a report of the current status of JSR's business operations, as of 9am on March 14th (Mon), which is a result of the Tohoku-area Pacific Coast Earthquake that occurred on March 11th 2011. All of our manufacturing operations are physically intact with the exceptions of the following two locations which are not linked to the products which we deliver to you in Europe.

1. Chiba Plant (located in Ichihara City, Chiba)

The manufacturing facilities are currently under normal operations and no physical damages or personnel injuries/casualties have been observed. The adverse effects on our operations of the disasters in Chiba chemical complex and the limitations on the energy supply to be announced by Tokyo Electric Power Company are not confirmed, and will be disclosed once more information becomes available.

2. Kashima Plant (located in Kamisu City, Ibaragi)

All manufacturing lines and manufacturing equipment were stopped by the automatic interlocks, which was triggered by the earthquake. The peripheral facilities were well protected and no physical damages have been observed. However, this needs to be reconfirmed through physical inspections. The industrial water supply is interrupted and no information is available at the moment regarding when it will recover.

Regarding personnel injuries, it has been confirmed that one of our maintenance personnel suffered a minor injury during the repair work.
We will finish conducting a thorough physical inspection and prepare to recommence operations before the supplies of industrial water and steam recover.

Issues related to the supply of raw materials and logistics have not been identified so far, but they will be disclosed once more information about their occurrence becomes available.