Lithium Ion Capacitor - LIC

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LIC or Lithium ion capacitors are innovative next-generation electricity storage devices that combine a large energy storage capacity with a high power. Lithium ion capacitors dramatically improve energy utilization efficiency and offer a unique high power density at the same time, while maintaining excellent life characteristics. Currently, lithium ion capacitors offer value to a wide range of applications, including automotive, public transportation, electrical power quality, renewable energy, industrial machines, and office equipment amongst others. The market demand for lithium ion capacitors has grown extensively in the past years and is expected to further increase in the near future.

JSR Micro NV offers Laminated cells, Prismatic cells, Laminate cell Modules and Prismatic cell Modules, manufactured by JM Energy Corporation. We can support the customers need for tailor-made solutions on request. 

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Lithium Ion Capacitor